Not my Doing....

Some will consider I am not worth listening too, others that I live on the fringe of insanity, still others that would wish to stay blind to truth, for truth is unpalatable, while others who have Gifts seek only profit from seekers.

The knowledge I speak from is there for all who would open their eyes, and see the truth which confronts them each and every day, for we have all been aware of that which we do to our Mother earth and those who inhabit her for years. Like the conquerer, we have placed arrows in her heart, ripping up her resources, cutting her arteries, crushing her lungs, we have pushed whole countries and peoples, along with the animals and insects, the fish in her oceans to the brink of extermination, polluting the water and the earth we walk on as we go. I hear many of you say, “not me, I am a peaceful loving person, I did nothing,” yes, exactly, most of us have done exactly that, nothing.

While more and more of us become aware of the “Shift” that is happening, there are still many of us, who being Lightworkers, choose to be blind, thinking, or choosing to believe that this Shift will bring positive Light and new understandings to the World, and we will all be miraculously saved, because to think otherwise is to entertain the unthinkable, that Gaia, our Mother, will wreak her vengeance on us for our abuses. Yet I say, as the sea meets the land, and meets resistance, and waves crash, so the oceans of our destruction on earth and living things will meet resistance too, and the tidal waves of vengeance from the earths life forces will bring much suffering to those who ignored her warnings, and those who chose to look away. This time comes ever closer, I implore those who would label themselves as Lightworkers, Healers, Spiritual Men and Women from all over the world, everyday people of the earth, and religious folk, now is the time to stand, now is the time to cast aside your drive for profit, political domination, religious bias, for as you choose to sit on the fence, or be blind to the destruction of our Life Force which sustains us all, you are choosing the side of those who would continue to destroy Gaia. You are the Power, not the Politicians, not the Conglomerates, not the Generals of industry. 

Michael.P.Sheehan March 2015   


A Lightworker’ is a Monad that has incarnated in a human body with the intention of providing assistance in bringing the Truth (with a capital “T”)’ to planet earth. There are currently millions of lightworkers active on planet earth all operating at different levels of consciousness. Some have been with the earth for millenia, some only since Lemuria, some only since Atlantis, and some only since the end of the “dark ages.” More recently incarnated lightworkers may be referred to as Starseeds.

Anybody can be a lightworker and in fact most people come to this earth with such a mission in mind. The problem is, indoctrination into The System typically subverts our divine desire to uplift reality. We are damaged by a violent Socialization process and indoctrinated into and old world archetypal rubric that defines us as broken down rejects and limits our understanding and potential. As a result we settle into “normal” life and normal consciousness unaware of our divinity and our mission, compliant, subservient, and disempowered.

Of course, it is possible to retrieve your divinity, re-empower, and re-claim your status and mission, but it can be difficult. There are many distractions, many individuals claim to understand and will offer to lead but know not of what they speak, many will put profit above your awakening and empowerment, and some individuals actually lie and work against you. Sorting through the mine field of distraction, deception can take a lifetime.

(A Monad is an pin-point Intensification of Consciousness to the point of Self-Awareness.)