Some time ago, I brought words of the Shift, these words spoke of changes which would shake our foundations, bring changes which would bring pain to many, and wake the world.

Now we witness these things, millions of people dispossessed of their lands, aggression raging, the very ecology of the earth in pain and agony. Still the Politicians and healers of the word continue with hollow rhetoric, seeking only Power and status, while many people turn away with the excuse that they have no Power to change things.

We see in front of our own eyes the crumbling of a system of economics which makes the rich richer, and the majority populous poorer.

I tell you, YOU are the Power, you are the change, you are the source of Love which can bring change to the World. It is time to stand up, it is time to speak of Love, it is time to open your homes, your hearts, to all those who seek shelter.

Cast those who seek only Political Power and votes out, and to those who have been seduced by their own self image of their own omnipotence, see through their charade.

For those who parade as Healers, while making profit from others suffering and lack of self assurance, know their purpose is only self grandiosity.

Healing comes from those who bring words of Love and Solace, who reach out with gentle hands, NOT for self or financial reward, but for only one reason, to share Love and care openly and unselfishly. Join together now, give of your Love freely, speak as one voice and let the Power of Light and Love be bright enough to give no Power to the darkness which pervades.

Michael. P. Sheehan September 7th 2015